CSI Network Toronto Central LHIN

Common Values

  • Mental health and addiction services should be directed by and accountable to the people they are intended to serve
  • Mental health and addiction services should be based on people’s self identified needs (individual and collective)
  • Empowerment of our community requires service providers to have less power, and for service recipients to have more
  • Consumer Survivor Initiatives should be treated as essential services to our community, receiving a fair share of funding and resources
  • CSIs must be self determining and autonomous*, representing their members with integrity. CSIs by definition require independent governance and funding/accountability agreements
  • Recognition of the unique contribution and value of each CSI
  • Enhancing capacity for our community to participate in decision-making bodies requires consciousness raising within our community, and for those “bodies” to learn to relate to our community with respect and equality
  • Equity in relation to social determinants of health. Decent housing, income and employment are necessary for health to be possible
  • We deserve all of our rights as citizens (and an enumerated minority) under the Charter and OHRC
  • Our definition of our experience, community and culture extends beyond the medical model and this needs to be reflected in decisions about directing resources
  • Various experiences of oppression interplay with each other and all have an effect on health
  • We do not define force and coercion as help


*autonomy is defined as a CSI being consumer/survivor (cs) controlled, hiring cs staff, and setting its own policy