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Alternatives 2018 Conference

Mike Moniz

I attended the Alternatives Conference in Washington DC a week ago it was my second time, I went a few years ago with our friend Diana Capponi. to Austin Texas.

My work occasionally allows me to attend one of these conferences. Michele MacAulay and Jennifer Chambers also attended this year. A big thank you to my to the CSInetworktclihn.ca for the funding to attend.

This years conference reignited a spark in me for doing the hard work of advocacy and speaking up about the dreams and hopes for those in my communities. Hearing from others who have struggled often makes me cry but it does something else it reaffirms why we need to hear personal stories.

Lots of work being done under very trying times for advocates in USA especially in Mental Health and addictions, a congress and a president that works against the poor and vulnerable. I don't need to rummage through this dirty laundry. I will leave that to CNN.

A election has changed the government in Ontario and many of the things that would have made life better for our people and communities now are gone. Very sad news indeed, we have faced disappointment before whether it happens during a recession or a government trying to balance the books etc. not lost on me is those who have and continue to struggle. No government should intentionally do harm to people.

Our community has waited a long time to earn a spot at the tables of decision making, we have worked hard with many others in our community to seek economic and social justice. I will continue to speak out seeking to win the hearts and minds of those who we need on our side, this is a gift from Pat Capponi. I'm not always the best at this I speak sometimes without thinking it through and jump to quick decisions.

The task at hand is often as great as trying to move a mountain, we are in this together, people very life's depend on us to engage and encourage building bridges a pathway forward with opportunity and choice grounded in principles of good policy.

So as I scan the horizon of hope, knowing that our wellness and health depends on our future together. Make a choice who do you stand with. #whodoyoustandwith


Mike Creek

You can see the conference program here!