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Our Members

The CSI Network is made up of four organizations. While we each have our own missions and activities, we have two things in common. We are all CSIs - organizations that are established, staffed, and run by consumer survivors. And secondly, we exist to improve the health and the lives of consumer survivors.

We are also all funded by the Toronto Central LHIN, a designate of the Ministry of Health that plans, integrates and funds local health services. The TC LHIN recognizes that this puts us in a unique position to make sure that the voices of consumer survivors are heard when it comes to their health needs. They therefore provide funds for us to work together, consult with you, and make sure your voice is heard.

A-Way Express

A-Way Express delivers fast and reliable courier service by public transit for our customers throughout Toronto. We do this in a supportive working environment that promotes stability and recovery for consumer survivors.


Working for Change

Working for Change was established in 1994 to respond to the need for employment opportunities for people with mental health. Since then we have expanded our mandate to include other marginalized communities.

Our Mission

To provide training and employment opportunities to people who have been marginalized by mental health/addictions challenges, poverty, homelessness, violence and refugee/new comer issues; to speak out against marginalization; to work to change policies that adversely affect our communities.

Our Vision

A home, a job, a friend and social change

We envision a society where everyone has access to meaningful employment, adequate housing, a society that no longer stigmatizes people with mental health/addictions issues, a society where no one is hungry, and where social enterprises are a thriving and vibrant sector of the Canadian economy.

Our Values

Working for Change is an organization that values:

  • The lived experience and knowledge of people disadvantaged by mental health/addictions challenges, poverty, homelessness, violence and refugee/newcomer issues

  • Diversity and respect for difference

  • Efforts to combat stigma related to mental health challenges and addictions

Peer Support

  • Social enterprise as a means to promote economic and social well-being.

  • Employment as a critical component of recovery and social and economic well being.

  • Personal growth and increased self-esteem through education and training.

  • The leadership of people with lived experience.

  • Help us to build independent lives

Working for Change (formerly the Ontario Council of Alternative Businesses) was established in 1994 to respond to the need for employment opportunities for people with mental health issues. Since opening our catering company, the Raging Spoon, in 1997, we have developed five additional social enterprises that provide employment to people with mental health issues.

In 2005, we developed Voices from the Street, an in-depth leadership training program to enable people with lived experience of poverty, homelessness and mental health issues to participate in policy discussions on these issues and provide public education.

In 2011, with funding from Status of Women Canada, we created Women Speak Out. This leadership training program also includes women who have experienced violence and/or immigration/newcomer challenges.

Working for Change is a non-profit organization with charitable status.

Charitable Registration # 88479 5352 RR0001

Donations can be made directly to Working for Change or through CanadaHelps.org

Working For Change

Working For Change

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Parkdale Green Thumb

Out Of This World Cafe

Out Of This World Cafe

Grassroots Research

Grassroots Research

The Raging Spoon

The Raging Spoon

Voices From The Street

Voices From The Street